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Less energy, more nature at just the right pace. Electric propulsion removes the distractions of traditional motor boating and the perfectly balanced wooden frame design adds a touch of nostalgia and class.

Elwood boats are powered by Oceanvolts motors.

There is both a technical and an ideological reason for the selected semi-planing speed range. Increasing the speed of the boat well above its characteristic hull speed to planing speed greatly increases the need for energy. This would inevitably require higher engine power as well as further higher battery capacity to achieve a reasonable operating distance and thus increase the weight of the boat. That would also result to raise the price of the boat. Ideologically, on the other hand, we want boating on an Elwood boat to be as enjoyable as possible. At planing speed steering and navigation a boat requires an intensive attention from the pilot. In addition, even if the powertrain is quiet, at planing speed the sound of water and airflow increases the intensity of the background noise. For these reasons, the hull shape of Elwood boat is optimized for speeds of 7-10 knots, making the journey enjoyable for everyone and all senses.
Elwood's sharp, well-splitting bow does not tend to rise above the water as speed increases, so the boat does not have any of the planing threshold as typical for planing boats. The Elwood cruises in a balanced position, completely straight and with relatively little wave formation at all speeds, so it is able to use its entire speed range from the quietest trolling speeds to the top speed very naturally and comfortably. The display shows the available cruising time at all times with the current power consumption. So you can choose the cruising speed completely according to your own preference, need and remaining energy.
Simply connect the charging cable to the boat and a standard home outlet (Suko). The length of the charging cable will be selected according to your request.
From empty to full, the Elwood with standard battery charges with a standard charger in about 8 hours. An optional more powerful charger shortens charging time, increasing battery capacity accordingly lenghtens it. The basic idea is to cruise during the day, to charge at night. We have not seen the need for a super charger, and at least not yet there are much opportunities for this near by the waters.
A 10 A fuse is enough for a standard charger. A more efficient charger needs a 16 A fuse. On the other hand, the boat operator can also easily reduce the charging current if, for example, only a 6 A fuse is available in the guest marina, then it of course takes longer to charge.
Yes it can. With the solar panel solutions already available on the market, it is very easy to produce suitable charging current for Elwood with suitable components. In addition, we are constantly developing smarter and more tailored solar energy solutions to make Elwood-boaters life easier and more comfortable.
The vision of a wooden boat that requires several days or even weeks of patching, sanding and varnishing every spring does not apply for the Elwood boat. All wooden parts of the frame are impregnated and surface treated (epoxidized) to be completely water and steam tight. In this way, there is no living and opening of the seams in the parts of the body due to the variation of humidity. The surface layer on all parts is a high-quality UV-protected varnish or paint that requires no other regular maintenance than just keeping it clean and intact, just like fiberglass boats. Periodic treatment of the surfaces helps to keep them clean and shine, such as in a fiberglass boat or in a car. Repairs of possible surface damage are also reasonably easy to do, either as DIY with a little familiarization or by a professional.
No, because the core idea of Elwood Boats is to design and manufacture electric wooden boats.
No, because the core idea of Elwood Boats is to design and manufacture electric wooden boats.
Not so far, because Elwood's core idea is specifically to promote calm, enjoyable and responsible boating. But it’s not entirely out of the question for us to sometimes design a more sporty Elwood collection as well. Yes, we listen to the market.